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Athlete Self-rostering for tournaments is mandatory for the safety of the players and the tournament. Additionally, recruiting age players must self-roster to ensure they are included in materials for college coaches. We ask that alternates complete all waivers as well. 
It is a simple process that just requires you to know: 1. Team name 2. Uniform # 3. US Lacrosse # 
The links for each tournament waiver is below:

G8- 2024, 2025
The Grind – 2025 S&S
*Coming Soon – via email
Maryland Cup – 2024 & 2025   
USA Lacrosse Youth Nationals – 2025, 2026, 2027

  1. Click on the tournament waiver. (This needs to be done for each of the tournaments your team is attending)
  2. Under the Player and Coach Registration Wizard, select Click Here to Begin/Edit a Player or Coach registration and waiver.
  3. Opt to use either your Family Account login or create a New Family Account.
  4. Complete all required fields, read the waiver(s) and check the box that you agree with the terms.
  5. You must enter a USA Lacrosse number valid through the tournament dates.

Tentative Practice Schedule

2025 Stars and Stripes
Thursday, July 7th - 6-8pm @ CH WEST HIGH SCHOOL
2027, 2026
Thursday, July 7th - @ CH WEST HIGH SCHOOL 6-8pm 
Monday, July 11th - @Richterman Fields from 8:30-10:30am
2025, 2024
Tuesday, July 5th - 6-8pm CH WEST
Thursday, July 7th - 6-8pm CH WEST
Monday, July 11th @Richterman Fields from 8:30-10:30am


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