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Player Registration: Cape Track and Field Summer 2024

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All groups except for Pole Vault are now full. Do NOT try to register for grades 1-8.  

Please enter your player's CURRENT GRADE on the registration screen.

Cape Track and Field Information

UPDATE 5/20:  All sections are now full except for Pole Vault and registration is closed. If you are planning on volunteering this summer, email Coach Webster

Email the track commissioner if you want to volunteer to help this season!!
Registration should open on April 1st for the Summer 2024 season. 
The Cape Sports track and field program offers children the opportunity to develop their skills in a variety of sprint, distance, and field activities in competitions through intramural club practices and meets. Skills and conditioning gained in track and field will also benefit athletes involved in other sports as well.

Our program is for children and teens from 6 to 14 (exiting grades 1-8). The dates are going to be June 17 - July 26.  There may be some interruption due to sports camps at the High School. The cost will be $75 per participant and at this time we do not plan on offering drop in registrations for individual meets. All registrations must be done through the Cape Sports website. (

Participants are introduced to sprint, distance, and field events and then will compete in those events based on the coaches input. The program’s emphasis is on training, running form and building skills. Athletes will compete against others of their gender and/or age. Age is determined by the information provided to us by the Cape Sports on the registration forms. Meet ribbons and/or medals will be given in all events for all age group

After seeing the level of progress with our athletes in small groups last year, we will continue limiting the enrollment in each age group.  Athletes who sign up after the roster is full will be put on a wait list.  If you are volunteering to coach an age group, please reach out directly to our program. 

Back by Popular Demand:  We will be offering event specific training for athletes exiting grades 6-11 for Pole Vault (no younger participants will be accepted).  Make sure you specifically sign up for this, and NOT for the traditional program.  Athletes must be physically capable of participating in the event in order to be trained.  If an athletes is deemed "not ready" by our coaches, they have the option of joining our traditional running program or receiving a refund.  Pole Vault participants must posses upper body strength and body awareness- typically gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers, wrestlers.  Doing pullups, handstands or other traditional body weight training is highly suggested.  We are NOT offering throwing this summer but please contact the track commissioner if you are interested in working with the local high school throws coach.  Athletes will compete in track meets in these events. We do plan to offer High Jump but there is not a separate sign up for it. 

2024 Track & Field FAQs

Update 5/20:  All groups are now full except for Pole Vault and will not reopen. If you are planning on volunteering, please reach out to Coach Webster. 

Are we having track this summer? Yes!

When does the Program start? Monday June 17th

When and where are practices and meets? Practices and meets will be held at Broadneck High School on the track, turf and surrounding fields.  We will practice from 6 to 7:30PM on the following dates:  6/17, 6/19, 6/24, 6/26, 7/1, 7/3, 7/8, 7/10,  7/22, 7/24.  There will be 2 electronically timed track meets on 7/12 & 7/26 that start at 6pm and should run until around 8:30pm

What is the registration cost? $75 - includes t shirt and the cost of the 2 meets- there are NO extra costs or fees

What do I need to bring?  The child should have athletic wear, water bottle (only water is allowed on the track) and running/athletic shoes, preferably NOT basketball shoes. Running spikes are NOT required.

What grade do you want on the registration?  I want the grade they are in at this time, NOT the grade they will be going to next year.  

What if I have other questions? Send an email to

Coach/Parent Volunteer Registration

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